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Laura - PulsePointe barre Certification Attendee

I took my first barre class with Lauren at ToddPilates in Austin and was instantly hooked! Before finding Lauren, I had never attended a fitness class that taught to music, and I'm not talking canned techno beats, but moves choreographed to songs spanning from pop to 80s.


Before taking the leap and booking a certification, I attended several other barre studios to explore teaching styles to be sure I attended the right training program. You know how this story ends— No other class was as energetic and fun as what I experienced with PulsePointe barre!


I didn't know it was possible, but Lauren's certification training made me even more excited to become an instructor! In one day, Lauren covered everything from cueing, class blueprints, form, 8-counting music, and more. 


Perhaps the best part of Lauren's training are the workouts! As a barre enthusiast, it's always fun and inspiring to experience Lauren's cupcake-burning class. I highly recommend Lauren's PulsePointe barre certification training.

PulsePointe barre student testimonials and reviews
Alison - Group Fitness Coordinator, UTSA

The PulsePoint barre Certification works perfectly for the college setting providing instructors with a fun and affordable barre certification to take back to campus. The easy to use PulsePointe barre Class Blueprint helps instructors create an effective thorough class incorporating all the necessary moves. PulsePoint barre used upbeat, fun music which helped keep the class energized. The certification continually kept group fitness instructors of all formats in mind by emphasizing how to use the beat of the music to your advantage, effectively cueing form and safety, and working with participants of all levels. I would highly recommend Campus Recreation professionals and instructors invest in the PulsePointe barre Certification to enhance the quality of their teaching skills and group fitness programs.

Kelly - Studio Owner, Pulse barre

I am opening a barre studio in Virginia and Lauren came to certify myself and my other instructors. Everything about it was perfect! She is incredibly knowledgeable, talented, and patient, and the PulsePointe certification that she has developed is amazing. We could not have asked for more!

Kerry - barre and Pilates Student

All of Lauren’s classes are by far my favorite way to spend 45 minutes to an hour each week. Both her Barre and Pilates Mat classes hand you a serious booty kicking and a dose of happy for the day. Lauren changes up the exercises and of course the playlist regularly so class is never just another workout routine. Even after attending her classes for over a year, I still wake up sore the next day!  Most importantly, Lauren is invested in all of her students making it her job to know everyone in the room. From offering up modifications for each move to maintaining an incredible level of positivity from start to end, you always know you have a place in her class. I am so excited that Lauren is expanding her practice to training and mentoring other teachers – the fitness world needs more classes like hers! 

Sonja - barre and Pilates Student

I have been taking Lauren’s barre class for about a year and a half now. For the past 3 months, I have increased my Pilates and barre class attendance from 2-3 times per week to 5 times per week because I have been really happy with the results in so many different ways. First, the classes are full body workouts. I never feel like I am missing out on cardio or strength after a class. The choreography is well balanced (and challenging) and I leave class feeling satisfied that I worked every part of my body and feel great about my workout being complete for the day. Second, her classes are so much fun!! From the music, to the choreography, Lauren has a way of making everybody feel good and her happy spirit and love for Pilates and barre really shine and are infectious to the entire class. Judging by her packed 6 am classes, I would say many people agree that the classes are effective and fun!! Third, she’s always bringing new moves to class. I have been taking classes from various gyms for many years now and I have found myself in a workout rut many times. I am usually ready to move on to the next class or find a new instructor with new ideas to get me out of the rut. I will often fluctuate from taking classes to working out on my own just to find more variety, but that has not been the case since I discovered Lauren’s barre class. Lauren’s choreography is changing regularly enough to keep my muscles from knowing what’s coming next and my mind from getting bored. Finally, her classes are effective! I’ve seen changes in my body that I have not seen with other forms of exercise. That will always keep a girl coming back for more! 

Katie - Student and Trainee

I feel so lucky to have trained in Pilates Mat and Barre with Lauren.  Anyone who has attended her class knows Lauren is an excellent teacher, but they may not know that she is also a fantastic mentor and coach!  She is encouraging and inspiring.  She helped me set reasonable goals for myself and gave me helpful corrections and tips along the way.  I appreciate her energetic style and value her knowledge of the body, fitness and overall wellness.

Lora - New Mom and Student

I am a firm believer in body after baby starts during pregnancy, and Lauren's Barre class was the perfect fit for that! Being a new mom herself, she was able to advise me and other mama's-to-be on how to modify any move to protect our baby bellies while maintaining a worth-while sweat fest. I attended class 2x a week and sometimes I felt stronger than I was before pregnancy! Coming back to class after my baby was born wasn't too much of a rude awakening either since my muscles had been well maintained, and now 3 months out I feel as strong as I did before pregnancy! 

Kim - barre and Pilates student

I fell in love with Pilates six years ago while living in New York.  I knew Pilates was known for strengthening the core.   I was also mindful of the eminent benefits Pilates provided: becoming stronger, longer, leaner, and better poised.  Moving back to my hometown, Austin, I was worried that Austin might not have the same lofty, five-star standards New York possessed when it came to Pilates Studios.  I was completely in the wrong to fret.  Fortunately, I met a Saint of a Pilates instructor, Lauren George, and I immediately felt like I was in the best of hands concerning my well-being and fitness.  It was apparent from day one that Lauren cared about each of her many students.  It still amazes me that she knows every one of her students by name and keeps up with all the colorful details of each person’s life. 


Lauren teaches class at 6:00a.m. I roll out of bed, looking like a total wreck, at 5:20a.m. just to rush to her class before it fills up.  Not a morning person? No worries, Lauren will transform you into a morning person.  She greets everyone with a huge smile in the morning equipped with more energy and radiance than anyone I’ve ever met.  Her positive energy and cheerful glow light up the room and serve as an inspiration to everyone in the room.  You leave class in the greatest mood ready to take on the world.


I’m honestly upset when I miss Lauren’s class.  I feel like I’ve missed out on an opportunity to start my day with an astounding bang and a chance to be emotionally and physically ready for anything that comes my way.  I’ve been going to Pilates about 3-4 times a week at least.  I’ve tried every method to tone up my body including running six miles a day.  Running was extremely hard on my knees.  I can immediately see results after attending one of Lauren’s classes.  I see immediate improvements in my core strength and endurance as well as my abdominal definition.  Lauren makes every class entertaining and enjoyable with her beaming personality and topnotch playlist even a professional DJ couldn’t rival.  Lauren has been an inspiration to me ever since our first introduction and she has been a vital factor to my overall happiness in life.  I’ve felt soreness in parts of my body that I never knew existed after a week of classes with Lauren.  This means that not only does she make you work hard for that bikini body you’ve always wanted, but that it’s completely attainable.  I just turned 30, and I’ve never felt better (mind, body, and soul), and I know Lauren has encouraged and motivated me immensely.  I’m grateful to have her as my fitness and health guru in this incredible journey.  Life wouldn’t be the same without Lauren George. 

Becca - barre & Pilates Student

Lauren is by far one of the best group instructors I have had! Her Barre and Pilates Mat classes are challenging, upbeat, and provide great results. She is easy to follow and demonstrates modifications for all levels. She greets me with a big smile before every class and I leave with a layer of sweat and a total body workout. Lauren's energetic teaching style combined with an awesome playlist is the perfect thing to get my blood pumping at 6 AM!



Alexis - barre & Pilates Student

I love Lauren's classes because they are geared to all fitness levels. Lauren is vivacious, bubbly, sweet, funny, encouraging, and fun!!! She makes class go by fast and makes it enjoyable to work out! She is clear in her direction and mindful of all her student’s abilities. She plays the best music with upbeat tempos which always make me want to dance! I always look forward to her classes. She's truly a one of a kind instructor! I am lucky to call her my friend as well! 



Meghan - barre Student

Lauren is the best fitness instructor I have ever had. I trained under her during my entire pregnancy and not only is she upbeat and motivating, but she is also extremely knowledgeable about all of the adjustments I needed to make during my pregnancy. As tired as I often was during my pregnancy, I actually looked forward to her classes!