PulsePointe barre and Baby Bumps

Barre and babies are probably two of my favorite subjects, so when you combine the two, you have a topic I am extremely passionate about. Unfortunately, some women believe that they have to cease doing any type of exercise as soon as they get pregnant. This is simply not the case! Sure, we definitely need to want to speak to our doctors before beginning any type of exercise routine while pregnant, and we may have to modify a few things, but the low impact, core centered nature of barre makes it a wonderful workout to do while pregnant.

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I taught 7-10 PulsePointe barre classes a week throughout the majority of my pregnancy, and I definitely think it helped keep my core strong, back healthy, and assisted in maintaining a healthy weight. There was definitely a point when I had to modify a few exercises, but overall, I felt much better on the days I did barre than on the days I did not. Barre classes are a great way to enjoy the core strengthening benefits of Pilates without having to do a lot of work lying on your back!

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The research proven benefits of exercising while pregnany are almost too numerous to count, and barre adds even a couple unique benefits to that already extremely long list.

Benefits of barre During Pregnancy:

Barre strengthens the core muscles, which equips the body to better cope with the strains caused by the weight of a growing baby.

It can reduce back pain, by exercising the deepest core muscles that stabilize your back and pelvis.

Barre exercises can also help strengthen your pelvic floor, which will help to support the bowel, bladder and uterus (womb) as the baby grows and moves down.

Helps improve balance. As a pregnant women's body weight shifts and her hormones change, her balance can be thrown off. Barre exercises can help you stabilize the core which helps with balance.

It teaches students to relax and control their breathing, which is important for pregnancy and labor.

Barre can also assist with maintaining a healthy weight throughout pregnancy.

Regular participation in barre classes while pregant can help increase self confidence, improve mood, and overall support a happy healthy pregnancy.

If you are pregnant, and interested in taking a barre class, speak to your physician for clearance first. Then find an instructor who has experience with prenatal barre. Even if you can't find a prenatal specific class, talk to the instructor before class, and they can likely help you modify the class to fit your needs.

I truly believe barre helped me stay healthy, happy, and sane throughout my pregnancy (and being honest, it wasn't an easy pregnancy). Additionally, I know I have barre to thank for my quick recovery and ability to get back right back to exercise after delivery. If you have any questions about participating in barre classes while pregnant, feel free to shoot us an email at info@pulsepointebarre.com.

In health,

Lauren George

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