PulsePointe barre Technique Tip - Upright Parallel

Upright parallel is one of the fundamental barre exercises in the PulsePointe barre certification program. This exercise can be extremely effective at targeting your quadriceps (thighs), abdominals, and calves, but there are a few essential technique tips to keep in mind in order to get the most out of this position.


Our goal in upright parallel is to keep our spine as long and tall as possible keeping our head aligned directly over our shoulders, over our hips, over our heels. Roll your shoulders back and down as if you are trying to create as much space between your ears and shoulders as possible. Next, slightly scoop your pubic bone towards your belly button to tuck the tailbone underneath you. Lastly, remember to keep your heels high and in one place as you lower down into your upright parallel squat.

Imagine your head, shoulder blades, and glutes are all along an imaginary wall. Slide up and down the wall without any part of your body losing contact with it.

Upright Parallel.png

If you would to perfect your form even further, join us for a PulsePointe barre Certification or continuing education workshop! Our PulsePointe barre Certification will teach you all of the fundamental barre exercises, how to choreography to music, and help you take your teaching career to the next level.

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