PulsePointe barre Technique Tip - Attitude

Attitude is an amazing exercise to really target those glutes! However, if you didn't grow up doing ballet, it can be a little difficult to master. One of my favorite tips for teaching this move, is to use the Pilates ball to help students find the right positioning for their leg. Check out the 15 second clip below to learn how!

Attitude can be added to a flatback or cardio segment to spice things up. One of my favorite ways to use attitude is curtsey lunge to attitude in a cardio segment! It elevates the heart rate and works all of the major muscles of the lower body, especially those cupcakes! Next time you are doing attitude, keep the tips shown in the graphic below in mind.


For more great teaching and technique tips, join us for a PulsePointe barre certification or workshop soon!

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