PulsePointe barre Technique Tip - Flat Back

If you ask my students, they will tell you I LOVE any exercise that works your cupcakes (aka glutes). Flat back is one of my favorite standing glute work exercises because it really targets your glutes and hamstrings while challenging your entire core and the stabilizer muscles of the standing leg. I also love the beautiful lines it creates!

Flat back is an excellent exercise, but like all barre postures, correct form is key! You will get twice as much out of your flat back work if you execuste the segment with proper form. Here are a few technique tips to keep in mind next time you are taking a class or leading your students through this exercise.

Flat Back Form Pointers:

1) When setting up for flat back, make sure you step back far enough with your standing leg that your foot is directly underneath your hip and your forehead is in line with the barre.

2) Slide your shoulder blades down your back creating as much space between your ears and the tops of your shoulders as possible.

3) Engage your abdominals to keep lower back neutral and both hip bones square to the floor.

4) Maintain a soft bend in the standing leg. For more of a challenge, lift standing heel off the ground into releve.

5) Move with intention by focusing on engaging the glutes and hamstrings as the leg lifts.

6) When utilizing the ball, engage the hamstring by hugging heel towards the glute the entire time.

Flat Back Technique Tips

For more information on how to correctly perform flat back and other PulsePointe barre exercises, join us for a PulsePointe barre certification or continuing education workshop. No workshop in your area? Shoot us an email to discuss hosting one at your facility!

Until next time, stay STRONG, SWEATY, AND SEXY!

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