Spotify 101 Tutorial

Spotify is an absolutely amazing resource for fitness instructors. It allows you to discover, use, and share new music in an easy to use format. If you are brand new to Spotify, it can definitely be a little confusing at first. What are those three little white dots in the top right corner really for? How do you rearrange music in a playlist? Do you have to have wi-fi to play your music? This quick three minute tutorial will introduce you to the basic features of Spotify.

Stayed tuned for more Spotify tutorial videos, including "Spotify Playlists 101" and "Finding Music on Spotify 101." Do you have a great idea for our next tutorial video series? We'd love to hear it! Feel free to email us at

For more information on how PulsePointe barre utilizes music during class, attend one of our continuing education workshops or a PulsePointe barre certification. We'd love to party at the barre with our favorite tunes with you!

Stay Strong Sweaty and Sexy!

In health,


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