PulsePointe barre Technique Tip - Second Position

Second position is one of my absolute favorite exercises because of the endless choreography possibilities it holds (and it's a cupcake kicker as well)! This position really allows you to engage your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, inner thighs, and external rotator muscles all in one fantastic exercise. Check out this short clip below for some fun choreography ideas for your second position segment!

To get the most out of second position, and prevent injuries, proper form is key. Follow this quick form pointers, and you will get the most out of second position every time!

Second Position Form Pointers:

1) When setting up for second position, make sure you step out wide enougth that your knees can easily stay behind your toes.

2) Press into your pinky toes and engage your external rotator muscles to pull the knees back. Your knees should be tracking in the same direction as your second biggest toe.

3) Your weight should remain in your heels when you are flat footed (it shifts to the balls of the feet when you are in demi-pointe).

4) Keep shoulders relaxed down and away from the ears with arms extended out in second position (as shown below), on hips, or in a prayer position.

5) Abdominals should remain engaged to maintain a neutral pelvis and lower back.

Second Position Technique Tip

For more information on how to correctly perform second position and other PulsePointe barre exercises, join us for a PulsePointe barre certification or continuing education workshop. No workshop in your area? Shoot us an email to discuss hosting one at your facility!

Until next time, stay STRONG, SWEATY, AND SEXY!

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