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While we still encourage everyone to attend a LIVE training, we understand it might be difficult to find one close to you on a day you can attend. To allow more people access to high quality barre education, we are pleased to release the PulsePointe barre Home Study option. Along with the comprehensive PulsePointe barre manual, you will receive a dvd containing a full 1 hour workout following the PulsePointe barre blueprint, choreography snapshots, class blueprints, access to three online learning modules covering the PulsePointe barre principles, the cueing hierarchy, and teaching to music. Plan to take 2-4 weeks to study the information and practice. You will then complete a written test and video evaluation to receive your full PulsePointe barre Certification!

The PulsePointe barre Home Study Certification Includes:

  • Comprehensive PulsePointe barre manual

  • PulsePointe barre class blueprints (electronic and hard copy)

  • PulsePointe barre choreography snapshots

  • PulsePointe barre The Ultimate Cardio barre Workout DVD (digital and hard copy versions for easy viewing at home or on the go)

  • Access to online learning modules.

  • Optionional conference call with Lauren George to answer any questions before your written test and video evaluation.

No CECs are awarded for the home study option as there is no way to adequately monitor the time that was taken to go through the course. However, anyone who participates in a Home Study, may participate in a live training within two years for only $99. Since the Home Study course is only $150 and the discounted live training price is $99, you will still pay less than the early bird price ($250) for the full certification. CECs are available during the live course! All Home Study participants that successfully pass their written exam and video evaluation are afforded the same opportunities and privileges as a PulsePointe barre Instructor that is trained LIVE.

PulsePointe barre Instructor Privileges:

  • Full PulsePointe barre Instructor Certification

  • Access to PulsePointe barre Instructor Forum

  • Right to use PulsePointe barre name and logo to promote classes

  • Listed on PulsePointe barre instructor database

  • Exclusive access to upcoming workshops and certifications

  • Access to monthly playlists

To learn more or purchase our Home Study program, please visit the PulsePointe barre store or email us at info@pulsepointebarre.com

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